SFL gravity Pressure Liquid Filling Machine

SFL gravity Pressure Liquid Filling Machine


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Liquid Syrup Filling Machine,Chemical Filling Machine,Pressure Filling Machine,Liquid Soaps Filling Machine,Water Filling Machine,Milk Filling Machine,Pesticides Liquid Bottle Filling Machine.




  1. The machine is a kind of high-tech filling device adopting PLC programmable logic control,
  2. W.6 inch touch screen human machine interface system
  3. Integrating photoelectric sensing, automatic compensating and pneumatic actuating.
  4. The two-row filling system can fill different liquids simultaneously.
  5. It is also provided with the function of submersible filling without foaming during the filling with accurate measurement.
  6. It is an ideal device widely used for hair perm lotion etc. two-in-one high foam anticorrosive liquids




SFL gravity Pressure Liquid Filling Machine is suitable for packing ES, SC material with good fluidity. It uses vertical structure with constant liquid level and time which realize the precise filling. It is controlled by the PLC, human interface and easy operation. The machine is equipped with electric scale weight feedback system which makes the volume adjust easier.


  • The double-row filling system can enhance the filling speed and avoid mixture of different solutions in same types of bottles.
  • Switching can be completed within several minutes according to different types of bottles with convenient adjustment.
  • User can choose filling head number according to output requirements without the need of any spare parts.
  • Every filling head is provided with bottle clamping device to ensure an accurate filling position
  • Bottle clamping and down pressing type screw capping machine or automatic capping machine is optional for capping operation.
  • American anticorrosive pneumatic diaphragm pump is adopted for automatic material adding.




Applicable bottle drive
Measurement accuracy
Filling capacity
Production capacity
≤2500b/h (one side 6head)can add to 10.16.20 head
Machine Size


Competitive Advantage:
Our machines are reputed for high accuracy.

Unique with respect to container interchangeability with minimum size parts.

Quick change over, minimum down time and highly operator friendly.

Custom built for the Food and packaging Processing Industry.

Microprocessor controls with human – machine interface and touch screen controls.

Can achieve filling speeds upto 300 containers per minute.